White chocolate Raspberry protein slice.


I can’t begin to tell you how delicious these are.


2 mashed bananas

2 scoops of @jstjodie white chocolate protein

60g of oats
1 table spoon of sweetener of choice
2 table spoons of coconut four
2 whole eggs
300ml of almond milk
50g of greek yoghurt
1 tea spoon of vanilla extract
raspberry’s to top
In a bowl mash your bananas and beat well with the eggs and milk. Slowly add all of the other ingredients and keep mixing thoroughly. Place your mix in a lined baking tray and spread it equally and top with raspberry’s. cook for 25 minuets on 200 degrees.

Cinnamon and apple porridge

cinamin porridge].jpg

I couldn’t think of a better way for my taste buds to start the day than with this big bowl of cinnamon and apple porridge.


For the porridge I used just gold old simple oats and water in the microwave and topped with cinnamon .

For the apple – Ok so this was a little experiment that actually worked . I used half a fresh juice ( strawberry ,carrot , and beetroot ) poured into a heated pan with a tea spoon of cinnamon once it got to boiling point I added one slice apple and simmered for about 20 minuets.

The juice had completely gone and just left me with these beautiful spiced apples.

I think we should all experiment in the kitchen way more than we already do because amazing creations like this happen.


Happy Friday everyone have a wonderful weekend




Stuffed Peppers


With these cold days were having now autumn is in full force my body defiantly craves good hearty comfort foods that warm you up. These lean stuffed peppers did exactly that.

Really simple to make and something you can make more of for food prep.


slice a bell pepper in half and microwave for around three minuets.

I then added a little light cheese in the centre of each and filled with lean mince that I had already cooked in chopped tomatoes, onion , garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Place into a heated oven and cook for a further 15 minuets.


And that’s it simple and delicious food that you can make ahead to save time .

I get my meats from Livelean.co.uk they are incredible my code KATFIT will get you a cheeky discount.






Banana Split


This is such a delicious breakfast idea.

Method –

Slice one banana and dust with cinnamon

Mix 100g of yoghurt with your choice of protein ( I use @jstjodie chocolate peanut butter )

Top your bananas with the mix and sprinkle with your favourite toppings .

Quick simple and yummy .

Happy Monday




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sweet omelette


Sweet omelette for breakfast anyone ?

This is so simple and yummy and makes great change from savoury.

You will need

1 whole mashed banana

1 whole egg

1 scoop of @jstjodie peanut butter chocolate whey

100ml of water

Any of your favourite toppings to finish

Simply mix all the ingredients and pour into a oven proof dish and bake on 190 degrees for 20 minuets.






A day at EGX Birmingham

So this isn’t anything id ever usually do not because I don’t like gaming but Its just not usually ” my thing ” . However early this year I was stuck for ideas as to what to by my partner for his birthday and let me tell you he is a total gaming mad man ! So I cam across these tickets and though they would make a great gift for him. Let me tell you if you are or have a partner who loves all this games . tec , or cos play then these are must buy for next year. EGX blew my mind ! honestly like no other expo I have ever been to. I think at first we was all a little over whelmed. With giant gaming screens everywhere and small computers everywhere this was a gamers paradise        egx. My partner went off and did his thing played on lots of new games that are due to be released later this year whilst I wondered round with the kids . The cos play made it for us we saw  lots of Harley quin and tomb raider along with street fighter girls my favourite was bane and dead pool who looked amazing    bane. We  also saw some VERY scary zombies who I was just about to take a photo of when he saw me and slowly began to chase me ! all of a sudden all common sense left my mind and I went from oh these guys have dressed so well to omg goodness run and make silly girly squeeks zombies are chasing me . My kids cried !!!! So for the rest of the afternoon we was on the look out for zombies coming to get us . Thankfully I found the Mine craft area and everything was happy and calm. The kids got play endless fun games and I got to eat the free popcorn win win. All in all it was an absolutely amazing day and there was something for everyone . My biggest tip would be take your own foods we found out the hard way everything was crazy expensive and very limited . Even star bucks had ran out of pumpkin spiced latte , I had queued 15 mins to be told they had ran out …. I honestly had to hold back the tears.


Happy Sunday





Jaffa Cake oats


Chocolate orange is probley one of my favourite flavour combinations and these oats defiantly didn’t disappoint.


1 serving of plain oats

1 table spoon of cacao powder

200 ml of almond milk

grated orange to taste

Mixing all of the ingredients together pour the mix into your bowl and microwave until you have your desired consistency for me I like them well done so I get a cake like firmness.

These will go down a treat as we start to enter the colder months 1 and of course top with your favourite things.

Have a great day


Kat x



Grilled Nectarines


Simple supers are just the perfect way to end a busy day ( or even a lazy one like I have had today )

I truly believe that being healthy should never have to be over complicated just simple wholesome foods with minimal ingredients give the biggest best bold flavours.

So tonight we have sliced and pitted nectarines sprinkled in cinnamon and placed under the grill for ten minutes  .

Then I topped them with some natural yoghurt honestly so simple yet so delicious.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend I’m currently sat with a note book and pen and planning out my week and pretty much my goals. It so important to keep a focus on what you want to achieve no matter how big or small.




Raspberry Ripple microwave cake


This simple single serve microwave cake is seriously delicious

You will need

1 Table spoon of wholemeal flour

2 Table spoons of @jstjodie raspberry ripple whey                          http://www.jstjodie.co.uk/JDIET-FatBurning-Protein

1 Egg white

100 Ml of water

1 tea spoon of sweetener of choice

Mix all of the ingredients together and place into a bowl ( I used a breakfast bowl greased)  Microwave for 40 seconds and ta da its done .


Top with your favourite toppings

enjoy 🙂



Banana cinnamon swirl bites.


Banana cinnamon swirl bites.
You will need
1 wholemeal wrap
1 tea spoon of almond butter
1 table spoon of natural yoghurt
Sprinkle of cinnamon
1 banana
coconut for finishing

Place your wrap out and spread the almond butter all over as much as you can ,then do the same with the yoghurt  sprinkle your cinnamon so that everywhere gets a dusting. Place your peeled banana at the edge of the wrap and roll until its all together.
Slice the wrap and dip each swirl into coconut.
This  delicious breakfast when you don’t have a lot of time .
Have a great week